まだ上手く生きられないのさ 変えられるのはただ

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Documentary DVD & Blu-ray 『TOUR12-13 IN SITU-TABULA RASA』 2013.9.25 RELEASE
OHP was updated few days ago with information about new release from the band:

DIR EN GREY emerges from their silence to paint a new path on a blank canvas

After the band's announcement to go into hiatus following Kyo's (Voice) problems with his vocal chords in February 2012, the band emerged out of the silence to once again walk down a new path documented in a new DVD to be released this September!
In October 2012, the band embarked on a nationwide tour "IN SITU" harboring the meaning 'In its original place', after 9 months off the stage. In December, they released their new single "RINKAKU" followed by a live show at the TOKYO INTERNATINLAL FORUM on December 25th, as they continued to overwhelm an overcrowded theatre with their unwavering stage presence. April of the following year, the band shocked their fans once again with their relentless vigor with the release of new mini album "THE UNRAVELING".
After the SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST show on May 16th, the last show on the "TOUR2013 TABULA RASA", Kyo succumbed to high fever caused by the severe inflammation of his tonsils and had to be hospitalized. There was not an ounce of energy left in him after that last show but that was the result of going above the limitations of his body. 
What was it that kept them going on?
Find out through the cameras that followed the band, who are under constant and tremendous assessment and delve into the thoughts of each band member. See the truth unfold through the lens of the cameras as they close in on DIR EN GREY and what lies behind them in Japan and overseas.

DVD [Initial Limited Version] 3-DVD Set (MAIN DISC 2 discs+BONUS DISC 1 disc) SFBD-0042〜44 ¥8,800 (tax in)
DVD [Original Version] 2-DVD set (MAIN DISC 2 discs) SFBD-0045〜46 ¥7,140 (tax in)
Blu-ray [Original Version] (MAIN DISC 1 disc) SFXD-0004 ¥8,190 (tax in)

Not that I have any chances to buy it at the moment, I already have to reduce the amount of my collection...
But still very happy, hopefully I will be able to buy it as my Christmas present ;)


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