まだ上手く生きられないのさ 変えられるのはただ

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Comment from Kyo for FM hatsukaichi, “Yuugure nandemo jouhoukyoku”

この曲は哀しい中にも このような感情の起伏があって、自分の中では結構ふわっとしている雰囲気で
You just listened to “Rinkaku”. This song has a lot of sadness, but… it also has many emotional ups and downs, for me it has a very soft/gentle mood, I like it very much.

広島は、 ツアーに行く度 街を一人で徘徊することが よくあるんですが、 その時 リーゼントのかっこいい兄さまとよく街で遭遇するので
As for Hiroshima, at the times when I go [there] for a tour, I will be wandering alone through the city very often, those times, I often encounter cool guys with ducktail hairstyle, I’m always looking forward to that.

「SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH」は、過去の自分の歌い方と今の自分の表現の仕方をあえて、ミクスしてみたら、また新しいもん出来るんじゃんかな~と思って
As for “SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH”, I thought that I will be able to create something new if I mix together my current way of expression and my old way of singing. I created this song thinking about those things/circumstances.

3月8日・9日、日本武道館でライブをします。詳しくはohpをチェックしてください。それでは、最後にニューシングル「SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH」をお聴きください。DIR EN GREYの京でした。
On March 8th and 9th we will play in Nippon Budokan. For detailed information please check our website. So, at the end, please listen to our new single “SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH”. It was Kyo from DIR EN GREY.

*it was a comment for a radio station from Hiroshima
*ducktail: google it or think about yanki in Japan or Kishidan.
*it was damn hard to catch what he was saying so if you notice anything incorrect (hence jpn+eng), please give me a shout! ;)

you can listen to the comment: here


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