まだ上手く生きられないのさ 変えられるのはただ

A teaser for Kyo interview from ROCKIN'ON JAPAN, August issue.
Photo and original text from ROCKIN'ON JAPAN

What’s going on with solo activities of Kyo, who had his work published as photo books. Long interview where we talk about everything!

An accomplished “for the human race" with photographs taken and gathered by himself as a photographer; also, accomplished “shikkaku" with photographs where he became a subject. Kyo, who announced (published) the form of 2 books, was interviewed for August issue of ROCKIN’ON JAPAN. He spoke about the episode regarding the photo books.

"With no basis at all, I’ve always been impatient like having no time. As genuine/pure as possible, without foreign influence, I wanted to bring out myself in different forms"

As fans, everyone will want to embrace it, having many thoughts: why photo books, what kind of thoughts were inserted into this solo work, why he had to publish simultaneously 2 books, also, what is Kyo thinking (about it) now.

The content of this interview becomes an answer to those many “WHs?".

This interview went as far as to consider “Kyo from DIR EN GREY" and “Kyo who did a solo work through releasing photo books", but Kyo said “inside of me everything is equal".
With this basis, there’s a pure “need for expression" that is facing the out-put of pure to the very bottom form, “photos of DIR EN GREY are the same for me. I don’t put anything as my number one" - those straight words leave a strong impression.

Kyo, who crossed the limits of being a vocalist, who is an artist who made a form of expression for everything he could take out of him. A very long interview that will allow you to touch the core of it. A must-read.

Definitely makes you want to buy and read magazine!
OMG a need a job so much! xo

Kyo's art
‘Including “Yumemi", “Yumemini", Kyo’s debut works (S)’

 photo 20130702Kyoart01Rinne_zps71f47cfb.jpg  photo 20130702Kyoart03Yumemini_zps256713b6.jpg  photo 20130702Kyoart04Kaimu_zps81945058.jpg +more on the website ;)

So that's the end of discussion if he did or did not create art cover for merry's single ;)

and second message from twitter today:

S 「夢見と夢見弐。気分はいつまで…な感じですか?」
京 「個展最終日までなら、皆に届くかな?」

S: Yumemi and Yumemini. How do you think… till when you will feel like (adding bonus postcrads to orders)?
Kyo: If it’s till the last day of solo exhibition, will everyone get it?
This way, bonus will be added with the purchase of both books till 7/7.
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Coming round the mountain, I go up alone to
the solitary well at the edge of the rice field
and peer in, quietly.

Inside the well, the moon is bright, the clouds flow by,
the sky spreads out, and a light blue wind blows;
autumn is there.

And a man is there.
I turn away because I hate the man, somehow.

Pondering over him as I set out to leave, I feel sorry for him
and go back and look in: he is still there.

Again I turn away hating the fellow.
I think of him, again setting out, and begin to miss him.

Inside the well, the moon is bright, the clouds flow by,
the sky spreads out, a light blue wind blows;
autumn is there, and a man, like a memory.

Yun Dong-ju
Neotokyo launched separate shop with DIR EN GREY merchandise:

For now available product includes tshirts, hoodies, accessories, books and posters.
I couldn't help but be surprised that they also offer many goods from Japanese tours and some fanclub items, like Haiiro no Ginka or some DVDs.

Payment is by card or transfer.
Shipping in Germany 3,50€ (free for orders over 95€), 9€ for rest of European Union (flat rate).

And not trying to start any drama, just wondering, neotokyo was selling all that stuff before over their website, now got a deal to sell diru stuff at the separate website.
I felt very strange when reading this interview when band quite plainly said business is not going well:

Demotape / AnN: What has changed for you over the years in music business? (your motivation for example...)
DG: Not speaking on a personal level, but I think overall in the music business, we have come to a point where CDs just don’t sell anymore and that is a shame.

I was reading recently that cd sales in Japan are higher than in US etc, so is it really that bad? And has it anything to do with opening of quite official European shop?

On the other side, good for some fans who will have more opportunities buying some goods from previous tours etc ;)

Die signature guitar model
 photo 201306DirMorrisguitar_zps780c0e0b.jpg
Play intensity and
gentleness and

Die signature model Morris S-custom "D"

Official website

Photobooks ready for shipping

Through official facebook and twitter it was announced that photobooks are being sent out finally :)

Also another message on twitter said, regarding the special postcards added as a bonus to orders for both books, Kyo's feelings will soon change, so if someone is going to order both, do it soon ;)

I'm really looking forward to them! :D
Although dreading a bit postage cost from Japan XP
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Kyo in La Cigale, Paris

from official fb, photo credit: VerdamMnis
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 photo 2013tourGHOUL_zpsc90f4667.jpg

playing euromillions tonight! XD


neotokyo posted a 'sneak peak' at the goods for upcoming concerts in Europe (there will be more).
I wonder if each show will have its own color sticker like in Japan?
for me those goods are bit... to colorfull?? o.o

 photo 20130605Shinya01_zps644778a1.png  photo 20130605Shinya02_zps65417e90.png
Time for Shinya to be carried like a princess XD

From: Motokatsu instagram

 photo 20130606Die_zps6b743a9c.jpg

And Die went for more manly shots, with a pro-wrestler Taichi XD

From: Taichi twipple
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VIP upgrades for Cologne
It was not announced anywhere, however is selling VIP upgrades for the concert in Cologne.
If you're interested, search for Dir en grey Cologne concert and choose 'special tickets' tab.
The price this time is 60 euro.

VIP Upgrade includes:
-Early entry into venue
-Commemorative VIP laminate
-Photo with band
-Mini-album signed by Dir en grey

Important notes:
* Please bring your VIP Upgrade Voucher as well as your ticket to the show *This upgrade is not a concert ticket. In order to purchase the upgrade you will need to have a valid concert ticket for the show.
*Upgrades will be sold on a first come, first serve basis up to a maximum of 100 people
*Photo opportunity will start at 6:00PM
*Photos will be uploaded to an album ( after the show for download
*There will be no meet-and-greet with the band

It has a mini-album included so the price is kinda much better than last time, but 100 ppl is A LOT. 50 was too many, 100 is O__o
Nevertheless I got it, as I can't be bothered to wait under the venue whole day XD

Some videos from Loud Park 2012




Kyo drawn 'Kaimu'chan for the use with tickets for Kyoto exhibition.

from: Kyo FB

But they love playing with language ;)
Romanization for this one will be 'Kyoutobiiki no Kyou ga Kyoutoyou ni kyou kaita "Kaimu"chan ni hakkyou'
'Maddness of "Kaimu"chan for the use in Kyouto drawn today by Kyo, who is a Kyoto-phile"
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photos from Shinkiba 5.16

 photo 20130516ro69shinkiba03_zps5051e8c3.jpg  photo 20130516ro69shinkiba04_zpsb75c2a38.png  photo 20130516ro69shinkiba06_zpsa3db49e3.jpg

 photo 20130516ro69shinkiba01_zpsea90516c.jpg  photo 20130516ro69shinkiba02_zps364cfc91.jpg  photo 20130516ro69shinkiba05_zpsb714c78b.jpg

 photo 20130516ro69shinkiba07_zpsa0986004.jpg

all pics by 岡本麻衣/Okamoto Mai(ODD JOB)

source: rockin'on japan

Penyunne Zemeckis
Kyo's official website was updated with information on TWO books:

 photo 20130527kyophotobook_zps97638601.jpg
Portrait Photography「失格」Special Cover Edition

price: 9,800円 
Work from the span of one year. The book express compiled world view of Kyo.

Author : 京 Kyo
Paperback : 200 pages
Publisher : sun-krad Co., Ltd. (June 2013)
Language : Japanese
Product Dimensions : 257×364×19 mm

 photo PZ-0003_zpsadfb5186.jpg
Photography「for the human race」Special Cover & Hard-bound Edition

price: 7,600円 (税込) 

Author : 京 Kyo
Hardcover : 272 pages
Publisher : sun-krad Co., Ltd. (June 2013)
Language : Japanese
Product Dimensions : 148×210×26 mm

*When you order both books from the website a present of special "yumemi-chan" postcards will be included.

 photo PZ-0001_zpsddd98299.jpg
Postcard Set
price: 1,500円 (税込)
set of 5 postcards, the image will include portrait of Kyo, it will be put into a special envelope.

*Deadline for ordering is set by Kyo, I have a feeling that it might not last long, so if you want it, go for it NOW! XP

European fans might be interested in fact, that neotokyo is offering pre-order for both books on their website:
shikkaku €99.95
for the human race €79.95
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