まだ上手く生きられないのさ 変えられるのはただ

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灰色の銀貨61号 - 無の幸福・参列者と首
It is better to stop having expectations.
If someone asks why, what can you gain by it?
?What ever goes in accordance to ones expectations?
In this world with the overwhelming number of people whose expectations failed, what do they hope for?

Is there anything that goes according to ones expectations?
It’s rather the opposite.

So, what is the meaning of ‘hope/expectations’?
value has this ‘hope/expectations’ at this world where no one agrees in 100%, starting with the way of living, circumstances, personality and different ways to perceive life? I don’t understand.

However, as in hope/expectation there is a bit of ‘hope/wish’ that connects with the future, that is something much more valuable than expectations.

That’s why I steadily fix my eyes on my own way of living, without expectations, but also without casting aside efforts.
Way of living is different for each person, this strained me is alone, but surrounding circumstances don’t change.
That’s why if there is time when you suffer because of waiting, when you expect something from others, it is good to improve ones own way of living.

So rather than in way of living or intention of other people, I want to believe in my own gushing forth will/determination.

I must take and let evolve in the more profound place the meaning of the whole energy created by myself.
This is a fate in my songs, the limit per se is me.

From now on I will also continue to carry on the life of conflict without looking at the surroundings.

This is a way of living of Kyo. Once in a while through re-affirmation I am born as a new me and I am changed.

Meaning [of this] can be bit unclear, but let me say this one thing to feel satisfied.
Because simply the intention of frank people is carved for certain into my rusty/run down chest/heart.

Today I wanted honestly to express my gratitude. What can be done is good, what can’t be done doesn't matter.
As a human that is not like that, thank you for coming with me.
Let’s climb to elevated places. Let’s see together various scenes.

It was unusual and unsteady, but those are my true feelings. I would like you to take them in honestly.

Then, everyone, please do your best in various ways and keep going.

Till the day we can meet again. It was a merely one guy, Kyo.


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